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Sanjiv is an entrepreneur, industry-leading agile and lean expert, author, speaker, management consultant and trainer.  He is the founder of the Agile Leadership Academy, a groundbreaking mentorship program for Agile Executives and chair of the Agile Alliance Agile Executive Forum.

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Sanjiv Augustine is the President of LitheSpeed, an innovative Agile and Lean training, consulting and coaching company; and an industry-leading Agile and Lean expert.  With 25 years in the industry, Sanjiv has assisted several leading clients adopt Agile methods, including National Geographic, United States Patent and Trademark Office, HCA Healthcare, ViPS/General Dynamics, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Nationwide Insurance, The Capital Group, Capital One, Westinghouse Nuclear, CNBC, Cornell University, NBC Universal, Sprint Nextel, The Motley Fool, T. Rowe Price and StreamSage/Comcast.

He is the author of several publications including Transitioning to Agile Project Management: A Roadmap for the Perplexed, The Lean-Agile PMO: Using Lean Thinking to Accelerate Agile Project Delivery and the books Managing Agile Projects (Prentice Hall 2005) and Scaling Agile: A Lean JumpStart; and the founder and moderator of the DC Lean Enterprise Meetup group.

Sanjiv is also a founder and advisory board member of the Agile Leadership Network (ALN), and a founding member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) ’s Agile Community of Practice. He is a dynamic, sought-after keynote speaker who presents regularly at several Agile and PMI user groups and conferences worldwide; and project management conferences including Project World and Project Summit. As an in-the-trenches practitioner, he has personally managed Agile projects varying in size from five to over one hundred people, trained thousands of agile practitioners via public classes and conference presentations, and coached numerous project teams.

"In the hands of another, this class of material could become incoherent, but Sanjiv has enough intellectual power to ground his subject...Fans of APM and those who prefer new ideas as a catalyst for their management approach should find Managing Agile Projects rewarding."

Wes Balakian, Chairman and Executive Advisor, PMI eBusiness SIG


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Keynotes and Video

Speaking Engagements

  • March 2016, Agile India, KEYNOTE: The Joy of Agile Work – Managing Performance and Sparking Innovation
  • April 2016, Scrum Gathering Executive Breakfast, Agile Leadership for Executives
  • May 2016, Keep Austin Agile, Scaling Agile – A Guide for the Perplexed
  • June 2016, Agile Development Conference West,  Leading with Purpose
  • July 2016, Harrisburg University, The Lean-Agile PMO: From Process Police to Adaptive Governance
  • September 2016, Agile Alliance’s Agile Executive Forum, Chairman’s Keys – Resilience and Innovation in Organizations
  • October 2016, Agile DC, Leading with Purpose
  • May 2015, Keep Austin Agile, Leading with Purpose
  • June 2015, Agile Development Conference West, The Joy of Agile Work
  • October 2015, Agile DC, The Joy of Agile Work
  • November 2015, Agile Development Conference East: KEYNOTE: Scaling Agile – A Guide for the Perplexed 
  • February 2014, PMI Houston Expo, The Promise of Agile Methods      
  • March 2014, South Florida Agile Association, Driving Lean Innovation on Agile Teams
  • March 2014, PMI Baltimore, The Promise of Agile
  • April 2014, Ohio State University, Driving Lean Innovation on Agile Teams
  • April 2014, PMI LEAD, Scaling Agile – A Vital Role for the Agile PMO
  • May 2014, ASQ Houston, The Promise of Agile
  • June 2014, Agile Development Conference West, Lean Innovation on Agile Teams
  • July 2014, PMI Baltimore, Lean Innovation on Agile Teams
  • September 2014, PMI Baltimore, The Agile PMO
  • November 2014, Lean Into Agile Conference, Lean Innovation on Agile Teams
  • January 2013, Agile Leadership Network DC, Is Lean Management Timeless
  • March 2013,  Agile Charlottesville, The Timelessness of Lean Management
  • March 2013, Agile Palooza, The Timelessness of Lean Management
  • April 2013, Agile Leadership Network DC, The Timelessness of Lean Management
  • April 2013, PMI South Florida, Is Lean Management Timeless?
  • May 2013, PMI Atlanta, The Lean Agile PMO
  • May 2013, PMI Baltimore, The Lean Agile PMO
  • June 2013, Agile Development Conference West, The Timelessness of Lean Management
  • July 2013, PMI Houston Expo, The Timelessness of Lean Management
  • August 2013, Agile DC, Lean Innovation on Agile Teams
  • September 2013, PMI Houston, The Lean Agile PMO
  • October 2013, Philips Brazil, Lean Innovation on Agile Teams
  • October 2013, PMI South Florida, The Promise of Agile
  • October 2013, PMI Washington DC, The Promise of Agil
  • January 2012, Agile Richmond, The Promise of Agil
  • May 2012, PMI South Florida, The Agile PM
  • May 2012, Agile Dc, the Agile PM
  • June 2012, Agile Development Conference West, The Promise of Agil
  • June 2012, Ohio State University, Is Lean Management Timeless
  • June 2012, PMI Houston Expo, The Case for Agile Method
  • August 2012, Agile Dot Net, The Case for Agile Method
  • October 2012, Agile DC, Is Lean Management Timeless
  • November 2012, Agile Development Conference East, Is Lean Management Timeless?


  • December 2011: KEYNOTE: The Promise of Agile Development, PMI Northern Italy Chapter, Milan, Italy
  • November 2011: The Agile PMO: From Process Police to Adaptive Governance, Agile Development Practices East, Orlando, FL
  • October 2011: KEYNOTE: The Promise of Agile Development, Agile DC Conference, Washington, DC
  • September 2011: KEYNOTE: The Promise of Agile Development, Agile Palooza Conference, Washington, DC
  • August 2011: The Joy of Work: Managing Performance and InnovationAND 3 Months from Idea to Implementation: Jumpstarting Agile in Nuclear Power, Agile 2011 Conference, Salt Lake City, UT
  • July 2011: Towards True Scrum Mastery, Agile Leadership Network, Houston TX
  • April 2011, KEYNOTE: The Promise of Agile Development, National Defense Industrial Association Information Systems Summit, Baltimore, MD
  • February 2011: KEYNOTE: Toward True Scrum Master, Agile NCR, Gurgaon, India
  • January 2011: The Case for Agile Methods, PMI Houston, Houston, TX


  • November 2010: Agile Development East Practices Conference
  • August 2010: BizConf 2010
  • June 2010: Agile Palooza
  • June 2010: Agile Roots
  • March 2010: Scrum Gathering
  • January 2010: APLN DC, Tysons, VA


  • November 2009: Agile Boston, Boston, MA
  • November 2009: Agile Development Practices Conference, Orlando, FL
  • October 2009: PMI Washington DC, Falls Church, VA
  • September 2009: University of Virginia, CMIT, Charlottesville, VA
  • April 2009: Agile Metrics for Senior Executives Version One Webinar
  • March 2009: Scrum Gathering, Orlando, FL


  • November 2008: Agile Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada
  • September 2008: JavaZone, Oslo, Norway
  • September 2008: PMI Greater New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
  • February 2008: Small is Beautiful Workshop, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, India.


  • December 2007: Transitioning to APM Webinar, Cutter Consortium
  • September 2007: Keynote – PMI Northern Italy Chapter, Milan, Italy
  • August 2007: Agile 2007, Washington, DC
  • August 2007: APLN Seattle, Seattle, WA
  • May 2007: APLN DC, Washington, DC
  • April 2007: Project Summit, Washington, DC
  • April 2007: APLN New York, New York, NY
  • March 2007: APLN Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland


  • October 2006: PMI Keystone Chapter, Hershey, PA
  • October 2006: Agile Philly User Group, King of Prussia, PA
  • September 2006: APLN Washington DC Chapter , Tysons Corner, VA
  • July 2006: Agile 2006 , Minneapolis, MN
  • July 2006: Chennai Agile User Group , Chennai, India
  • June 2006: Project Summit and Business Analyst World, Tysons Corner, VA


  • November 2005: Project World and World Congress for Business Analysts, Orlando, Florida
  • October 2005: Project Summit and Business Analyst World, Tysons Corner, VA and Boston, MA
  • September 2005: Agile Atlanta User Group, Atlanta, Georgia
  • May 2005: CC Pace Lean-Agile Summit, Fairfax, Virginia


  • Software Development Conference 2003, Australia/NZ
  • Agile Development Conference 2003, Salt Lake City
  • Project World 2003, Chicago


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